Which laptop should you buy under 20000 Rs

There are so many laptops which you can buy in 2019 but all laptops are not easily affordable.

choose the processor which you want to buy according to your work like i5 / i7 .

if you want to buy an i5 or an i7 laptops under your budget so i will suggest you to buy a certified refurbished laptop from a certified website.

There are so many website which sells refurbished laptops buy i recommend you to buy that one from www.lapmartweb.com .

List of top 3 refurbished laptops in your budget.


1 ) Lenovo T430 I5 3rd generation 14.1 inches laptop.-> http://lapmartweb.com/product/buy-lenovo-i5-refurbished-laptop-online/

2) dell 6420 I5 2nd generation 14.1 inches laptop. -> http://lapmartweb.com/product/buy_refurbished_laptop_online_dell_i5/

3) Dell 6430 i5 3rd generation 14.1 inches laptop.-> http://lapmartweb.com/product/buy-i7-refurbished-laptop/


November 6, 2018 tridevv

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